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What is a SAP Assessment?

A SAP rating is required to produce a predicted energy assesment and an On Construction Energy Performance Certificate.

Building regulations require that a SAP assessment and predicted EPC is submitted for all new dwellings at least one day before work commences on site.


What is involved?

The assesment is done entirely from plans. ​Accuratley measuring each element of the property including the walls, floors, roofs and windows.

In addition to the above, we record the details of insulation, ventilation, the type of heating and hot water systems as well as thermal bridging that will occur.

All of this information is inputted into the SAP software, which will measure your property against the minimum criteria.

To comply with Building Regulations your assessment needs to meet two main criterias;

the DER - Dwelling Emmision Rate needs to be equal to or less than the TER - Target Emmission Rate and the DFEE - Dwelling Fabric Energy Efficiency must be equal to or below the TFEE - Target Fabric Energy Efficiency.


What if my design fails?

If your property design does not meet the criteria, do not take this personally, the SAP requirments are strict so here at Alpha Zulu Property Services will work with you to come up with cost effective ideas on how to get compliant.

Our recomendations to you;

Beat the minimum

The minimum U- Values are there to be beaten. This is best done by using high performance materials.

Air Testing

Air testing your building on completion will ensure you are not penalised with the default.

Windows and Doors

Ensure the windows and doors you specify have low U - Values

How long does it take?

We aim to have the reports back to you within 4 working days. However, this can be longer if you do not provide all the required information together.

Our simple pricing structure can be found below. All prices include as built SAP assessment and lodgement of EPC on completion.

House Construction
unnamed (1).png

New Dwellings - Flats

1st Unit - £100.00

Additional units - £60.00

unnamed (1).png

New Dwellings - Semi Detached

1st Unit - £160.00

Additional units - £75.00

unnamed (1).png

New Dwellings - Detatched

1st Unit - £175.00

Additional units - £90.00

unnamed (1).png


Exisiting to Single Dwelling £125.00

Exisiting to multiple dwellings

£90.00 per unit


U Value Calculations

If required, we can produce U Values separately. For example if applying for a grant to install extra insulation in an exisitng building.

U - Value Calculations are charged based on one element; for example - wall or roof.